Suffering from
a lack of intimacy?

I’ll help you transform your love life

Do you experience a lack of intimacy? Do you yearn for a life filled with love, for a loving, intimate relationship? Make sure your language matches your desire, in mind, body and soul. Talk lovemaking.

''When you want love, talk love.
When you want intimacy, talk intimacy.''
It is a natural law, a mechanism.

Yearning for intimacy, but how?

Do you feel you could use assistance in the field of dating, intimacy and sexuality? Assistance in upgrading or polishing your language of love? It is essential for lovemaking. Always.

I can support and assist you in your love life transformation. We talk. Online. I call this assistance Intimacy Therapy.

Intimacy Therapy Sessions include personal interest, listening, expertise, advice, lessons and homework. Yes, homework, lovely homework. We find out where the gaps in your education are and how to deal with them.

I know from personal experience how much impact the lack of healthy, loving, fulfilling sexuality can have on you and how desperate you can feel when you don't have that in your life.

So, let's start talking, I am listening ...

Marion van der Stad helpt you when you experience a lack of intimacy

Ashamed of your lack of intimacy?

Are you feeling distressed about intimate matters, about dating, flirting, touching? Lately, for years, maybe even since your teens? Are you feeling frustrated, because you're always the best friend, never the lover?

Are you feeling embarrassed about your lack of intimacy, your lack of experience in this field, the gaps you sense exist in your sexual education? Have you been suffering because of what information was given to you on intimacy instead? Do you, maybe, even blame yourself for your ignorance?

You're not the only one

Do you have the feeling something is wrong with you on a deeper level? Do you feel that you are the only one on earth who is missing out? That there's a gap between you, who experiences a fundamental lack of intimacy, and everyone else in the world, who are happily making love?

Do you feel that because of that you could never speak up at all about your problems with intimacy, not to anyone? Have you maybe even been hiding yourself because of this, being silently bewildered, missing out on healthy sexual development and growth, feeling malnourished in body, mind and soul?

Will it never end, this hurt from lack of intimacy?

Do you feel your heart is hurting instead of being filled with joy and peace? Do you feel you will never be selfconfident enough to be a capable lover, to be in an intimate relationship or even to have healthy intimate experiences?

Hungry for intimate contact, yet insecure

If you recognize some or all of these things, then you are probably feeling very insecure about making intimate contact.

Your skin must be completely dried up by now, hungry for tender strokes, for kisses, your mind hungry for a new light to be shone on sexual education.

You definitely must feel you are in a horribly painful spot by now, unsure of what to do and how to start reaching out.

Your lack of intimacy won't fix itself

So, what now?

Will you stay put and wait till things suddenly start to change by themselves?

Or will you perhaps ask for a gentle nudge instead?

"It shocks me how I have let myself be misguided in my youth. Everything concerning intimacy was wicked and perverse; I was not supposed to know anything at all about it. The tv was turned off when scenes got a bit erotic. So where did I find truthful education? At porn sites, indeed, but this is by far not the real thing. My brain got twisted."

Here's how to go about your love life transformation

I am here to offer my light.
Light in redefining love's dialogues.

All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet, audio and video, and the wish to learn.

The support I offer is based on sociological, psychological and sexological knowledge, combined with my extensive expertise on the human need for physical touch.

How I can help you fix your lack of intimacy

Awakening from your current state of sorrow, depression, apathy even, all caused by your lack of intimacy, is the essential first step. Watching porn won't do the trick. More often than not it counteracts what you want to achieve, so I will not recommend this way of education.  I value the wisdom of grounded sexuality instead.

My method consists of listening to your story, figuring out what beliefs and convictions you hold, and what the effects of Nature and Nurture are in your upbringing and background. After analyzing what you tell me, I will give you your own personal love and intimacy advice, applicable to your situation.

All in order to change the unhealthy habit of waiting for happiness into the new habit and tools for attracting and creating your personal happiness...

Did you know?

''Being deprived of lovemaking is more unhealthy
for the body than smoking.''

The key to a healthy love life

I invite people to learn what is healthy in lovemaking. The key is communicating, talking openly.

Talking openly means talking without vulgarity, talking directly and honestly, without shame. Can you imagine talking this way yourself? Saying what you think and feel and longing to know what the other person thinks and feels?

What they don't teach you at school

As a self-educated sexologist I have not been studying sexology in formal education, such as university. Instead I have discovered all the fundamental lessons 'in the field', because of my eagerness to find new ways of getting hold of the underlying essential knowledge. At the same time looking out for the best teachers in courses and in therapies. They were of the highest standards and I really got to know myself, my passions, and my obstacles.

Moreover, clients tell me time and again that they would have wanted to hear me speak decades earlier, because they would have been able to avoid many years of stress. Most of them ask me why this material is not taught at school, at the age of puberty. This would have saved them many long, cold, painful years, years full of doubt about whether they would be good enough to have a loving and intimate relationship with.

Fulfilling your desire for intimacy

If you are reading these words, I presume that's what you genuinely yearn for. Intimate touch, true intimate connection and a solid relationship with a loving partner. I can help you prepare for that future life and get you closer to your desired outcome, step by step.

Don't stay alone with your longings anymore. Start a new journey, the journey of your love life transformation, one step at a time. Profit from my Intimacy Therapy Sessions and get to you know yourself better. One session might be enough. And if you want more, just let me know.

I invite you to look deeper