Has involuntary celibacy become your life?

Are you longing to leave behind a life of solitude, a life without intimacy? To leave behind a life without intimate contacts, a life that may even be characterized as involuntary celibacy?

Voluntary or involuntary celibacy?

Are you asking yourself whether you could possibly be asexual? Whether you even have those natural intimacy needs that everyone seems to have? Could it be that your sexual confidence has sunk so low that you believe you are naturally instead of involuntarily celibate? If yes, have others suggested so?

"I’m so glad, bit by bit my brain starts to believe different thoughts."

"I never told my parents I was being bullied very badly. They had enough of a hard time as it was, I didn’t want to burden them even more with my misery. That’s why I was always in my room. They didn’t ask why and they didn’t stimulate me to mingle."

"I have been neglected, I have never been encouraged, I see that now. I didn’t know where to begin anymore, until I found you on the internet. Your language encourages me already."

Intimacy needs

Are you searching for honest answers on sexual matters for future dating and first time connections, on how to start building your sexual confidence to end your involuntary celibacy and enter a loving relationship? Are you searching how to truly fulfil your intimacy needs, your aching for touch? Maybe both? Or are you purely looking for lessons to really master your sex life?

Have you turned into someone who has become speechless regarding intimacy? Troubled, ashamed, bewildered, depressed, left alone, estranged, hopeless, without showing these feelings at all? In short, are you wearing a mask all the time?

The eternal bachelor

Is there more that troubles you than what I have mentioned here? Do you maybe claim, for instance, to be the eternal bachelor? Do you, maybe, never dance or massage just for the fun of it?

In talking to your family, friends, colleagues, do you use phrases such as: "there is nothing wrong" / "I am fine, don't worry" / "not now, I have to get this degree" / "please, leave me alone" / "I cherish my freedom more"?


Nature vs Nurture

How well aware are you of the effects of Nature-Nurture on life?

Are you, for example, a highly sensitive and serious person by Nature, always dreaming, contemplating?

Or have you developed a quiet character by Nurture? Unconsciously responding to upbringing, to people around you, to the world and its opinions, experiences, other people's stories?

Your reaction to this might have resulted in waiting, not acting, not following your dreams anymore, falling silent, especially when it comes to (humor about) eros, love, desire.

Your secret

Do you feel troubled, bored, shy, lonely, uncertain, and are you a perfectionist at the same time?

Do you perhaps still keep the most intimate story of your life away from others, because you feel ashamed of living a meaningless, empty life, a life without a story?

Are you carrying that well kept secret around with you all the time? Are you hiding away from possible chances, from your own needs, from intimacy itself?

Source of your involuntary celibacy

Could your situation, your involuntary celibacy, be the result of poor or bad experiences and pain in your life, also in your love life perhaps? I truly hope you have been able to find the necessary help.

If some of these questions and views have somehow touched your heart and mind, have stirred you up, shaken you a bit, then it is best to satisfy your curiosity. True?

After all this time an end to involuntary celibacy

A small step towards...

You might be curious as to what could be introduced in your life.

You certainly will have a notion of the costs and pain you have suffered not being in a fulfilling relationship, whatever has happened before. You probably have been waiting for new insights and some luck.

Together we could start redefining what the needs are of your internal lover in order to awaken fully to a life of love and intimacy.

Leaving involuntary celibacy behind

Do you already feel you need to take a tiny step forward to a possible positive turn in your intimate life? May I give you a bit of a nudge?

How far away are you from sharing about your intimate life with an unknown person claiming to be an expert in this field?

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