Intimacy therapy and sexual counseling

My sessions are meant to support your love life when you are not happy about it, for whatever reason that may be. They are based on intimacy therapy, on sexual counseling and on my personal life experiences.

We talk at a refined, heart to heart level, wholly tuned in to your unique situation. My professional attitude towards you is discretely open. I will guide you warmly, with sincere and heartfelt interest.

Let's talk about sex in your life

How to talk about sex, about intimacy, is a skill everybody who wants to experience and share love should learn. And it's something everybody can learn, you too. The words you chose, your intonation, the openness, it all effects the experiences you will have in your love life. Let me give you an example.

How intimacy therapy can help you - a story

A shortcut to sex

In one of my recent intimacy therapy sessions I had an elderly widower explain to me how he talks to women he is interested in. What he says to them is: ‘’Hello, I have a master's degree in oral sex, my name is Ron”. The right woman would always laugh in response. Wasn’t he super? Taking a shortcut, no need for dating.

The downside

The result of his behaviour was that he'd always get excited women that expected him to perform. The last lady he proudly invited to his home like this, 20 years his younger, had undressed herself in the hallway and jumped right into his bed.

No time for a word, a cup of tea, a bonbon. This was her treat. She expected immediate action from him. Within 45 minutes, because she had to get home to her husband in time, so he wouldn't find out that she hadn't visited a girlfriend.

The discovery

Now, at the age of 74, he had called me. Because he didn't trust his ‘performance’ anymore. He laughed somewhat nervously…

I started my investigation on a deeper heart level. What did he really want in his love life? Did he want what he communicated to women with his pick-up line or was it something else? He had asked his doctor for advice on testosterone, but was his testosterone level the real problem?

What he truly longed for

Within the hour he discovered that what he really longed for was having a nice, cozy, intimate contact. Cuddling, growing into sensuality and sexuality with her, during long days of embraces and closeness. Not the pride of the conquest and the achievement, and certainly no secret affairs, thank you very much!

He got new insights and he dealt with a whole bunch of issues in no time. He said he would change his way of making first contact with a woman he liked. Instead of being a womanizer, performing his old trick with the cocky pick-up line, he decided to connect with her on a heart level, with warm, sincere interest. Quite a change from what he had done the last decade, since his dearly beloved wife had died.

How intimacy therapy helped Ron

At the end of the session he said: ‘’How easy this is for me to talk to you! And to think you were a complete stranger to me! Never before have I had a person to discuss my sexual love life with, in detail. You don't even seem to be wondering whether I am a pervert, something I really was afraid of. This has been a very special occasion for me. I feel enlightened and really positive again. Thanks a lot! As much as I thank myself for having had the guts to write to you about my worries of such an intimate nature. I’ll let you know how my new experiences will turn out.’’

I'll admit, I laughed a lot as well during this intimacy therapy session. What a good guy, not a pervert at all, just a very nice and humorous human being and fun to be with!

ripe pomerade

Will you share your story and let me help you?

So, you and me, let's start talking about sex as well. Let's talk about your love life, in this safe environment, this sacred space between your computer screen and mine, created for intimacy therapy. Let us together take the first steps in the transformation of your love life.

Starting your intimacy therapy

I guess this is what you would like to do, to start an Intimacy Therapy Session.
You may even have been looking at your calendar already.

So, after you have taken me up on my invitation to book a session, to accept the Terms and Conditions and to select the date and time of your choice, what is going to happen?

Congratulations on taking your first step

First, I congratulate you... on taking your first step towards sexual therapy counseling, which means you have taken this first and most important step towards the transformation of your love life.


Second, there are some practicalities and ground rules you should know about, because they come naturally with how I like to work in my Intimacy Therapy Sessions.

Ground rules

No video or audio recordings will be made, since this is prohibited under privacy regulations.
You can use a pseudonym, so even if you're a king, queen or other celebrity you can book a session and be sure of my discretion.
There will be no small talk, nor things such as gossip, swearing or vulgarity.
There will be no undressing, not on your side nor on my side of the screen.
I will not offer you a long term follow up. You are, though, most welcome to book a new session.


The best way to prepare yourself is to have some questions ready at hand. Sending them in beforehand is even better, because then we'll both be more prepared and you will get the most out of your intimacy therapy.

On a more practical, technical note, we use an online conferencing medium. Make sure your computer or laptop works well, so nothing stands in the way of getting the most out of your sexual therapy counseling. A few minutes before we start, I'll send you an invite link via email to join me online.

Also preparing your environment, for example by preparing a quiet space where you won't be disturbed and maybe even light some candles, helps to set the mood and to open yourself emotionally for what may come to light during our conversation.

Now your intimacy therapy begins

Third, your intimacy therapy session can start. First we'll make sure we can hear and see each other well and then we will start the conversation as well as the clock.

Because we won't do small talk, we really can dive deep into the matter at hand. And because you will come prepared, we can take real steps towards real transformation in your life. Just like Ron in the story I told earlier.

"I feel desperate. I don’t go out anymore, I even get my groceries delivered at home, because it’s too stressful to engage with other people. At work this isn’t a problem, I’m pretty self-confident there. But in my private life I feel skittish when I think about more intimate contacts or when I feel a hand on my arm. So far nothing really helps. Sessions with a psychologist, that I visited since my burn-out, helped a little. I do tend to pretend everything’s alright. No one, including her, knows the real reason for my burn-out: that I’ve never kissed or touched a woman. I’m under the impression this will sound familiar to you, so I’m emailing you. I’m sorry if I'm bothering you."

Hooked on intimacy therapy?

Although even one Intimacy Therapy Session can accomplish a big change in your life, you might get hooked on them, so you may want to keep doing them for a while.

And yes, I will gladly take you along for some time, with all your wishes and desires. Not endlessly though. Why is that, you might wonder? Because it is my sincere intention to help you work towards having the information and the skills to realize intimacy and sexuality in your own life by yourself. Without being dependent on me or anyone else for assistance and guidance in this area.

I wish for you the same that I myself have experienced over the past decades. Being free as a bird, following my own passions and desires, truly living the love life I feel we all deserve.

Your financial investment

Normally the price for a one hour Intimacy Therapy Session is € 170.
Because we are in such rough viral times, I feel you deserve a bonus, just for being here, already connecting ...

So until March 2021 you get half an hour extra for the same price.
Feel yourself at home with me.


I am looking forward to meeting you