Your personal intimacy coach

Having been a self-educated sexologist, intimacy coach and intimacy trainer for almost 30 years, I have supported numerous people in solving countless problems in the area of sexuality and mental health. Most importantly by helping them reclaim self-confidence, alertness and consciousness, in order to find peace and find a partner.

The intimacy coach near you

I have been working around the globe, both live and via the internet. You could say I have always been nearby. Just a mouse click away.

I feel deeply for all people who are poorly grounded in their sexuality, which often affects mental health as well. Therefore I go on, staying at their side, supporting those who need help in matters of love. Always coming from a place of deep personal interest, so yes, from very close-by.

"This intimacy coach near me, what's her story?"

How my shyness began

I was born in 1947, in The Hague, The Netherlands, into an architect household of 6, with my father, mother, two sisters and a brother. After 3 years of living near the shore, being in love with the sands and sea, we moved to Utrecht, a central, yet smaller city. This departure from the sea affected me deeply, in fact it has been one of the reasons of my slipping into shyness.

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Stumbling à l'amour

After high school, at the age of 19, I left home for an au pair job in France, later moving on to a second one in Geneva. After that I studied to be an executive secretary. I got married in 1970, had 2 children, got divorced after 18 years. I have had amorous relations ever since, in different ways and on different levels, stumbling a lot.

Passionately learning about intimacy

I have always been driven by a passion to learn, to look for the finest of teachings. I also did this when I wanted to discover the meaning and depth of intimacy. So, I have been training myself in this field, first of all learning about the body language of love, followed by courses on intimacy and sexuality (Sexual Grounding), trainings in tantric ways, various health therapies, meditation techniques, also expanding my knowledge and insight on Gnosticism, Buddhism, Ayurveda, and lots of other holistic, spiritual philosophies, a never-ending path up till now, a tantric path as I call it.

Holistic matchmaker

In 1992 I started my practice Aquarion as a holistic matchmaker. Meanwhile I kept transforming my own life, still following trainings, for instance a training for personal development at Landmark Education of which learning how to coach was also an important part. After 7 years of matchmaking I also started offering intimacy coaching, in a most unique way: not only by talking but also by giving clients the actual experience of touch. I attracted several other coaches to work with me on this.

Openness at last

Being a self-educated sexologist means I'm not a doctor who can prescribe medication. It also means I don't look at people from a medical perspective, but from a holistic viewpoint. Being trained in the full diversity this field encompasses, I work in a new and different way. I work differently and I talk differently. I speak my mind openly, talking about the meaning of love, of intimacy, about steps towards deeper ways of having sex. Above all I speak in an understandable language that touches the heart, which turned out to be one of my natural talents.

Intimacy coaching on a higher level

I have especially guided adults who have lost all hope, being involuntarily single and above all completely lacking experiences of intimacy and affection. The effectiveness of my training is to be credited to the combination of tender physical touch and heartfelt communication, thus connecting heart, mind, body and sexuality. In a way I was the first one to elevate intimacy coaching in the Netherlands to a respectful level, in the 21st century. I literally fought for it.

A team of intimacy coaches

Together with a fantastic team of specialized coaches I helped people who had both the wish to learn and a wish to relate. Thus we helped several thousands of men and women find their way to love. Without my team I could not have done this work so successfully. Therefore I am most grateful to them. I'm especially grateful for their wisdom and finesse. They have been with Aquarion for a long time and have taken a lot off my plate.

Ambassador of love

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate, having held many babies in my arms that were born because one day, in the earley nineties, I chose to take up this work. Or... better said, maybe, this work chose me to be a true ambassador of love.

How I can help you now

My own intensive role within Aquarion has changed lately. Because I was able to take it down a notch, with the support of my coaches, this leaves more room for me to do intimacy therapy video calls with you. This means I can help you so much easier now, being only a heartbeat away. And, you know, it really works! One conversation often makes all the difference.

"How much you have done for me, I did not expect that. I have never received support before, let alone intimacy coaching. Now I have, finally. I feel calmer, I have gotten to know my body."

"I see women very differently now, and I see my chances differently. I'm glad I listened to that soft voice that told me to go to you and follow your advice, even though I didn't really want to."

Are you wondering: "Marion, can you be the intimacy coach near me?"

The answer is yes. I still work as an intimacy coach, loving it with all my heart, making use of all the qualities I got to be known for.

Apart from

  • understanding problems and pains from personal experience
  • having been a Love Life & Intimacy Coach in the Netherlands for 30 years
  • speaking Dutch, English, German and French
  • being always nearby
  • deeply believing in and experiencing synchronicity
  • working from the wisdom of the Elders
  • being the expert on intimacy, sexuality and mental health for late bloomers

I'm said to

  • be easy to talk to
  • really hit the nail
  • listen and give advice with heart and soul
  • simplify complex matters
  • give solutions and tips that really matter
  • be respectful, refined, a 'real' human being
  • be free, fair, friendly and funny
  • choose to share and shine
  • be a pioneer at heart
  • be firmly grounded, happy, young at heart
  • have a great sense of humor and laugh wholeheartedly
  • be naturally enlightening and simply inspiring

Will you meet me in a session soon?