Terms & Conditions

By booking an appointment for an Intimacy Therapy Session online you agree to the following terms and conditions.

By booking an appointment you furthermore declare that you consciously choose to engage in said Intimicy Therapy Session, that you do this at your own request, of your own volition and with full clarity of mind.

By booking an appointment you also declare that you are of the age of 24 or above.

Bookings for Intimacy Therapy Sessions with Marion van der Stad only stand after payment in advance.

Agreements with Marion van der Stad lead to an obligation of best efforts on her part, not to an obligation of result, whereby she is required to honour obligations in such a way as can be expected from her as to standards of care and craftsmanship at the moment of execution of the services.

You always remain solely responsible for your own health and well-being.

Marion van der Stad cannot be held liable in any way for any damage or injury caused by her website or by conversations, suggestions or advice provided during Intimacy Therapy Sessions.

It is prohibited to take drugs or consume alcohol prior to or during an Intimacy Therapy Session. The influence of these substances hinder your mental, physical and emotional capacities and thus hinder the process and the effectiveness of the Intimacy Therapy Session.

If you did take drugs or consume alcohol, the Session will be cancelled or ended prematurely and there will be no refund.

You are held to live up to the Code of Conduct, as stated below. If you don't live up to the Code of Conduct, the Session will be ended immediately, no refund will be made and you are not welcome for future appointments.

In the case of any complaints on your part about Marion van der Stad, the process will be stopped and analyzed immediately.

Marion van der Stad resolves any dispute herself as much as possible. If this is impossible, Dutch law applies. The court in Utrecht has exclusive jurisdiction.

Personal data are always treated confidentially, entirely in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation. For the complete privacy policy I refer to the Privacy Statement.

Cancellation policy

An appointment can be cancelled or rescheduled free of charge up to 48 hours prior to the appointment, provided Marion van der Stad has been notified of the cancellation or rescheduling via email in time and she has confirmed it via email.

If an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled within 48 hours prior to the appointment, Marion van der Stad reserves the right to not issue a refund.

If you have taken drugs or consumed alcohol prior to the Intimacy Therapy Session, the Session will be cancelled or ended prematurely and there will be no refund.

If the Intimacy Therapy Session is ended prematurely, because you didn't live up to the Code of Conduct, no refund will be made.

In the unlikely event that Marion van der Stad is unable to honour the booked, and already paid, appointment, the appointment will be rescheduled free of charge or the session fee will be refunded in full within two weeks.

Code of Conduct

Mutual respect in interaction is paramount.

You and I do not engage in nasty gossiping about each other.

Honesty between us, between you and me, is essential.

You and I commit ourselves to listening sincerely, reflecting honestly, and talk openly.

Intimacy Therapy Sessions are not superficial, nor do they comprise pillow talk; they are socially and wise.

Both of us are, and remain, fully clothed.

You are aware that I will not be your life partner and you will behave as such; seducing me will not be appreciated.

Conversely, I will never enter into any kind of private or intimate relationship with you nor will I seduce you into such.

You only call upon me at the time of your booked appointment.

The duration of Intimacy Therapy Sessions will be restricted to the agreed upon time.

Each Intimacy Therapy Session will be concluded with a distinct ending of approximately 5 minutes.